Woman with bike in front of flower store
Woman with bike in front of flower store

Bikeleasing sustainability concept

Ecological. Economical. Social.


Our holistic sustainability concept is at the heart of everything we do as a service provider and employer.

Sustainable in every way

Our sustainability concept

For us as a company bike provider, promoting and enabling sustainable mobility is at the heart of our business. In addition, the concept of ecological, economic and social sustainability pervades all areas of our company.


We are aware that comprehensive sustainability is a continuous process and a long journey. We have already taken the first major steps on this path. More will follow.

Ecological sustainability

We see the conservative use of resources, the use of renewable energies and the avoidance of unnecessary waste as key contributions to environmental protection and ecological sustainability.


Social sustainability

We believe that social sustainability means taking responsibility for our employees and providing working conditions that suit the people whose commitment is key to our success.


Economic sustainability

As a company that acts sustainably, we see it as our responsibility to pursue our corporate goals without losing sight of social concerns and without endangering the livelihood of future generations.


Certificates and accolades

Gold-Level Cycle-Friendly Employer: We are proud to have earned the prestigious Gold-Level Cycle-Friendly Employer certificate. At Bikeleasing-Service, we actively promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our employees. Through our commitment to bicycle mobility, we help reduce detrimental environmental impact and promote the health of our team.

What does it mean to be a Gold-Level Cycle-Friendly Employer? It means that we have not only created an infrastructure that facilitated the daily commute to work by bicycle; we also promote a culture of bike mobility. We have secure bike parking, shower facilities and changing rooms to make the commute to work by bike as convenient as possible. We also offer our employees flexible working hours and the option of telecommuting to facilitate cycling.

Climate-Friendly Company: As a climate-friendly company, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and to actively contributing to climate protection. We take our responsibility for the environment seriously and are determined to find innovative solutions to make our business operations as sustainable as possible.

We are aware that climate change is a global challenge and that every contribution counts. That’s why we strive to improve our business practices and make these more eco-friendly. Our goal is to establish a sustainable corporate culture and involve our employees in this process.

The Climate Friendly Company certificate we received from Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz (GfRS) mbH, underscores that we act upon our promises and are committed to a sustainable future. We are proud to be a company that is not only economically successful but also actively contributes to the protection of our planet.

Bikeleasing company bikes – your contribution to sustainability


Every kilometer counts


Make the switch and help protect the climate:
Switching from a car to a company bike is healthier for you and better for the environment.


A journey of just 10 kilometers saves the climate around 2 kg of CO2 if you kick the pedals of a conventional bicycle or e-bike instead of the accelerator pedal of a combustion engine car.

Your contact person for sustainability issues


Personal contact: Jessica Baldreich

Sustainability manager

E-Mail: baldreich@bikeleasing.at

Phone: +43 512 / 219 32 - 138

Hotline Mo-Fr 9am-5pm +49 55 71 / 30 26 - 0

I look forward to hearing from you.