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Zero risk, full protection: insurance for employers

If an employee drops out, we will either refund the lease payments in full or we will take the bike back early without any problems.

Simply better insured: the Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance

Our Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance provides comprehensive coverage for every company bike, giving employers excellent protection if an employee drops out unexpectedly.

The monthly premiums for this insurance policy are conveniently paid via salary conversion, just like the monthly lease payments for the company bike. This is done in keeping with the monetary benefit rule which also saves tax.

Fast, secure and uncompromising: your advantages at a glance

No previous illness clause

Transparent and without loopholes: The Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance does not include any exclusion clause relating to previous illnesses of your employees.

No waiting period

Protection from the start: insurance coverage commences upon handover of the bike.**

Inhouse processing

We personally take care of the handling of your insurance claim and clarify everything necessary with the insurance company for you.

Included in the lease factor*

The monthly insurance premium is paid via salary conversion – in keeping with the monetary benefit rule and the tax savings it brings.

No deductible

We serve you without any hidden costs. The Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance comes without any deductible for you.

Digital incident processing

We offer paperless insurance coverage. You can conveniently report any incident via the Bikeleasing-Service portal.

No financial risk

Thanks to our insurance, you will never be stuck with lease payment issues or company bikes.

Free pick-up of company bike

Hassle-free logistics: In the event of a company bike being returned due to an incident covered by the employer indemnity insurance, we will collect the leased bike from the dealership free of charge.

Comprehensive insurance coverage for peace of mind

For all frequently asked questions and answers, visit the Bikeleasing FAQs.
Bikeleasing FAQs

Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance: no annoying waiting periods or previous illness clauses

Our Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance comes without any annoying previous illness clauses or uncertainty caused by waiting periods. Insurance coverage commences immediately when an employee receives their new bike.**


Also, we handle insurance claims internally so that employers can rely on rapid processing. For further information, refer to our Insurance and Service Manual.

Are you convinced? This is the time to go for company bike leasing!

What else can employers rely on?


We at Bikeleasing-Service provide you with personal support and assist you in the introduction of company bike leasing by providing professional advertising material and organizing information events. Company bike leasing couldn’t be easier.


Have we awakened your interest in our company bike leasing offer? Request our documentation package for employers  today.

Do you have any questions?

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Feel free to contact us is you have any questions regarding our employer indemnity insurance.

* Service Agreement and employer indemnity insurance taken out (as of the end of 2021). Existing customers from previous years should check their Service Agreement to see whether they have taken out this insurance.

** Note that the employee must not be unable to work when taking over their company bike.