Gravel bikes: all-rounder for paved paths and off-road use

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Safety and comfort meet light weight and agility: With a gravel bike, cyclists are well-equipped in the forest and on difficult routes as well as on paved paths. These all-rounders are more adaptable than any other type of bike and promise the greatest riding pleasure. And best of all, Bikeleasing-Service makes it easy for you to lease the bike of your dreams!

Advantages at a glance

Versatility for any surface and any season? Gravel bikes! In contrast to the classic racer, these hybrids of road bike and mountain bike have wider, treaded tires, come with weatherproof disc brakes and offer a more comfortable riding position due to their geometry. These fast and robust bikes are therefore a good choice for long endurance rides and light touring as well as for commuting and excursions.

Anyone who may have been reluctant to brave the most demanding off-road routes in winter should consider choosing a gravel bike. Gravel bikers don’t have to commit to any specific route; rather, they can pick a route at the spur of the moment. Stay on the road or switch to the next dirt track? When you ride a gravel bike, any path will do.

Since mudguards and luggage racks can usually be attached to gravel bikes, these versatile bikes provide a true alternative not only for sports and leisure but also for your everyday commute – especially in the cold season.

Your way to a gravel bike

Are you raring to get going on your gravel bike? Bikeleasing-Service makes it affordable. Visit our pages for employees, employers and the self-employed and learn about our leasing offerings. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

One bike is never enough? If you already are a Bikeleasing-Service customer and would like to replace your current company bike with a gravel bike or simply expand your bike fleet, check our partner dealer map for all registered Bikeleasing partners in your region.

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