Cycling in winter: 5 tips for safety in the cold season

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Temperatures are dropping while the days are getting shorter. Many still get on the saddle every morning. A well-maintained bike is a safe means of transportation even at low temperatures.

Our checklist helps cyclists get through autumn and winter

  1. See and be seen.
    Battery or hub dynamo powered LEDs with parking light function increase visibility and better illuminate the path. Reflectors help enhance safety.
  2. Who brakes, wins.
    When it’s wet out there, rim brakes take longer to grip properly. Therefore, check the brake pads in good time and replace them if necessary. Remember that abrasion increases in cold weather.
  3. Keep it lubricated.
    Clean the chain regularly and lubricate it well, as it exposed to considerable strain by cold, wet conditions and road salt.
  4. Keep it clean.
    Clean your bike after every ride so that the material your bike is made of is not exposed to water and road salt for longer than necessary. This will increase the lifespan of your bike while minimizing the need for maintenance.
  5. Clothes make the cyclist.
    Ideally, you should wear bright clothing that protects you effectively against wind, water and cold, is breathable and has reflective features to enhance visibility and safety.

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