Monthly lease instalments or direct purchase? The pros and cons of leasing

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Let’s talk business: What’s the case for leasing your new bike – what are the drawbacks? We will address the key points and leave the decision to you.

Cash purchase or instalments?

As always, it’s about money: An upmarket value bike or e-bike with high-quality equipment has its price. In the case of a direct purchase, the price is due for payment immediately and in full. In the case of leasing, this is offset by monthly payments – like instalment –spread over a period of up to 36 months. The choice is yours: Do you prefer a medium-term agreement at favorable conditions or a one-time major investment?

What about your old-age pension?

One perceived drawback that keeps coming up is that your old-age pension might be lower in the end. However, this will only be the case if the bike is financed through salary conversion. The salary conversion model reduces the employee’s social security contributions, ultimately reducing the employee’s pension entitlement. However, this reduction is so small that it is easily outweighed by the savings on the purchase of a new bike.

Invest in your own health

Last but not least, there is the healthy effect of cycling, which cannot be measured in financial terms. After all, investing in your own health is a special form of old-age provision from which you can benefit for a long time – especially because, statistically speaking, cyclists live longer. If the new bike is also an e-bike or S-pedelec, you are well equipped to remain mobile in your old age, significantly expanding your personal mobility range.

Bike leasing saves you up to 40%

There’s another point in favor of the bike leasing model: It replaces a monetary benefit by a benefit in kind. You would have to pay tax on the monetary benefit but not on the benefit in kind. In this way, part of your gross salary is transformed into the new bike on your doorstep. Compared to a private cash purchase, you can save up to 40%. Whether employed, freelance or self-employed: You can easily determine your personal advantage with the help of our lease calculator.

Comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind

What makes the Bikeleasing model even more attractive is the fact that you automatically enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage when financing your dream bike through monthly lease payments. If protection is particularly important to you, you may increase your insurance coverage level. We have a variety of insurance packages on offer for you.

Decide for yourself whether leasing is an option for you. Either way, we wish you a safe ride and lots of fun with your new bike!

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