Diensträder als attraktiver Benefit für MitarbeiterIn
Diensträder als attraktiver Benefit für MitarbeiterIn

Find and retain employees

Skilled employees are a key success factor in most companies – and they are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The more pressing the need for skilled resources, the more critical it becomes to stand out from other companies as an employer. That’s because a fair salary is not everything; employee benefits are increasingly in demand.

War for talent: recruitment is a key success factor

The order books are full but progress is hampered by a shortage of skilled staff. The team is straining under the extra workload because, although reinforcements are urgently needed, they are becoming scarcer and scarcer.

Many companies are familiar with such situations, as supply in the labor market keeps falling short of demand. Increasingly, skilled applicants are able to choose between several attractive offers.

For companies, this means that it will often take a long time to find suitable employees for vacancies in this “war for talent” – a bottleneck that many companies experience as a key risk to their success, exacerbated by rising energy and raw material costs.

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Reasons for the skill shortage

There are various reasons why the skill shortage is increasing and competition for labor is becoming more intense. One key aspect is demographic change. The rising life expectancy and low birth rates have led to a change in the population structure. As a result, fewer people of working age are available on the labor market. On the other hand, there is an increased demand for trained personnel in many sectors and a shortage of qualified young talent. Increasing global competition for skilled personnel is also exacerbating the situation on the labor market.

Attractive employer: the entire package makes the difference

The more choice qualified applicants have when looking for a job, the more important the employer attractiveness factor becomes in the quest for employees. Given the current situation, HR managers are well advised to attract potential employees to their company through a compelling overall package. The same applies when it comes to motivating and retaining existing employees. In addition to an attractive good salary, other employee benefits play a major role:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Company health management
  • A pleasant working environment
  • Hybrid workplace (alternating between office and home office) and/or remote workplace (location-independent/roaming) options
  • Employee benefits
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Employee benefits are a big plus

Company bike leasing: benefit with numerous advantages

No cost, no risk: Company bike leasing with Bikeleasing-Service couldn’t be easier

In many respects, company bike leasing pays off for companies, too. As a means for employee retention and motivation, it can help companies to prevail in the current “war for talent.” In addition to the financial benefits for employees, aspects such as the promotion of healthy and eco-friendly mobility also speak in favor of the company bike leasing model.


If you as an employer choose Bikeleasing-Service, you can rest assured that significant benefits come at very low costs. Thanks to financing via salary conversion, company bike leasing is cost-neutral for the employer and even saves on non-wage labor costs. The monthly lease payments include the Bikeleasing employer indemnity insurance, covering risks such as dismissal or termination of employment, illness, etc. Thanks to the digital leasing process handled via the in-house portal of Bikeleasing-Service, the administrative effort involved is minimized.

This is the time to get started and launch company bike leasing as an employee benefit


What else can employers rely on?


That we at Bikeleasing-Service provide you with personal support and help you in the introduction of company bike leasing by providing professional advertising material and organizing information events. Company bike leasing couldn’t be easier.

Have we aroused your interest in our company bike leasing offering? Feel free to request further information and get started.

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These and many others: More than 65,000 companies with more than 3.4 million employees already rely on Bikeleasing-Service. 

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