Bikeleasing on tour: Conny’s three-tour tour for MTBs

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Lush green forest, idyllic meadows and babbling brooks. Spanning a variety of terrains, Conny’s mountain bike tour takes us to no less than three lookout towers – but even those who stay on the ground get their money’s worth.

Have you ever been to Solling by bike? Conny, our colleague from the Support team, cycles here regularly on her mountain bike, when she’s not answering all those questions about our company bike leasing on the Bikeleasing-Service hotline. She will take us on one of her favorite tours through the Weserbergland.

Anyone who wants to do this tour should plan to spend about four to five hours. What you should know:

  • Suitable for: mountain bikes
  • Conny’s bike model: Ghost Lector hardtail MTB
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Distance: approx. 43 km
  • Ascent: 790 m
  • Descent: 790 m

And off we go!

The tour starts very close to our Uslar branch office: At the TSG sports hall, not far from the Uslar Badeland, there are convenient parking facilities for those who come to the starting point by car.

We will start on a short serpentine trail. Once at the top, our route follows a quiet stream to Eschershausen and passes through the town before heading uphill through the green Ital meadows and along a narrow path into the forest. At the end of the slightly ascending gravel forest path, the first longer descent awaits us after about 14 km, leading to the idyllic Lakenhaus pond. If you feel like taking a break now, you can relax here and enjoy the view of the water.

On the “love bench trail” to the Hochsolling tower

The second part of this trip starts on a road that is also open to passenger cars. The few cars that we encounter on this road usually drive rather considerately. Past the parking lot, turn left, then twice right. This takes us to the highest point of the tour, and now it’s time for us to move downhill.

Look out and turn left before you reach the edge of the forest! Our route will take us to the lower path. It leads along the Liebesbankweg – or “love bench trail” – with a great view of meadows and through dense forest to the first of the three towers, the Hochsolling tower. The Panorama trail is the perfect alternative for those who don’t mind tree roots and get a thrill out of braving narrow paths with minor obstacles; simply turn left 50 meters before the Liebesbankweg. The view from the tower is worth the climb in any case, even if the tower swaying in the wind may appeal only to those with a head for heights.

Thrills on the trail to tower number 2

Now that we’re back on solid ground, it’s time for the next stretch of trail. Along the old Wildpark wall, the next section with its gentle slope lets you roll downhill without any effort. At the end of the trail, turn left and pedal uphill. However, the incline is not particularly steep, so there’s enough puff for a chat with your peers where the trail is wide enough to let you ride comfortably side by side again. The next stretch leads downhill through the forest to the Schönhagen recreational lake. Instead of going swimming, however, we will climb the second tower, located to the left of the path.

Through woods and meadows to the Sollingturm

Past the tree houses of the tree hotel and then along the edge of the forest, we head back towards Uslar, again crossing the meadows and through the forest one last time. This stretch takes us to the third tower, known as the Sollingturm. Unlike the other two towers, it is a solid structure made of stone. Climb this landmark of the southern Solling and enjoy a wonderful view over the Solling-Vogler region. On a clear day, you may even see as far as mount Brocken. And here’s a useful tip before you scale the tower: Be sure to take a jacket with you; there is usually a chilly wind blowing at the top.

Now it’s down the stairs and then downhill for the rest of the route. The way back to the starting point leads us over sloping, partly very steep trails, for thrills and excitement. If you still haven’t had enough, you can hit the swimming pool or visit the neighboring butterfly park.

Even more favorite routes

Exploring woods and meadows on your MTB, racing down descents in the Palatinate Forest –or would you rather ride a racing bike through the Solling? On our komoot profile, you’ll find a wide variety of favorite routes from our Bikeleasing colleagues. Which is your personal favorite? We are looking forward to your feedback.

Are you still looking for the right bike for adventures ahead? How about leasing a company bike: dream bikes at dream conditions – and private use is expressly permitted. How does that work? Find out more.

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