Shaping sustainability together: Bikeleasing joins klimaaktiv partner network

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Hello climate protection! In cooperation with the klimaaktiv initiative, we want to put Austria onto the company bike and reduce environmental impact through our mobility concept.

Jointly driving climate protection

In Austria, no one is left behind: Supported by a large partner network, klimaaktiv is committed to a sustainable future. An initiative of Austria’s Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), klimaaktiv aims to reduce greenhouse emissions by focusing on renewable energy sources. One of the four major topics in the climate protectors’ portfolio is mobility – and that’s where Bikeleasing-Service comes in.

The company bike is part of the solution

Together with klimaaktiv, we want to get companies, municipalities and households in Austria cycling on company bikes. To put it in the wonderful words of Sinyard: “Show me a problem in this world and I’ll give you the bicycle as part of the solution.” Cycling is good for you and keeps you healthy. Those who get on the saddle first thing in the morning are more motivated and in better shape for the workday. At the same time, cyclists riding company bike protect the environment and the climate. Well, if those aren’t compelling reasons for bike leasing, that is?

Sustainable mobility in Austria

According to our new partner, climate-friendly technologies and services are key to sustainability at all levels of society is – and that’s exactly where the Bikeleasing-Service mobility concept comes in. Bike leasing is the optimal way to bring climate protection to bear in everyday life. Since the company bike comes with tax breaks and can be used privately without restrictions, everyone involved benefits.

This collaborative partnership enables to actively engage in climate protection initiatives in Austria and to extend the reach of our services to even more people. We look forward to sharing our company bike experiences within the partner network, learning more green skills and thus making a contribution to the mobility revolution. We will reach the goals on the way to climate neutrality only if we join forces. Will you pedal together with us?

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