Off the beaten track: The world’s most dangerous bike trails

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Cycling can already be quite challenging in regular road traffic, but some folks prefer a real adventure. We have gone in search of the world’s five most extreme bike tours – and we promise: thrills are guaranteed!

Bike trails for the ultimate adrenalin kick 

  1.  White Line Trail – USA
    The holy grail among trekkers and tourers, this “bike path” runs along the red rock cliffs near Sedona, Arizona. Read that right: What initially looks like a typical mountain bike route quickly reveals itself as the most dangerous trail in the world. Only 327 meters long, every meter demands steely nerves, because the fine, naturally formed white line runs along the steep rock wall and is only a few inches wide in places. Just a little carelessness – and it’s the end of the line for the rider. This trail is thus the ultimate challenge and rightly deserves first place in our ranking.
  2. Death Road – Bolivia
    Death Road is known to locals as “El Camino de la Muerte.” A toll of 200 to 300 victims annually confirms that this road can indeed mean death. Up to 70 km long, with an altitude difference of over 900 m, you need to fully concentrate on the road. Still, it’s a good idea to stop occasionally for a breathtaking view of the magnificent nature of the Andes. Take it from us: Don’t even think of geting distracted!
  3. Cliffs of Moher – Ireland
    One of the most popular landmarks of the Emerald Isle are the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. Thousands of visitors make the annual pilgrimage to this place for the impressive views, but only the bravest will consider a bike ride along the steep cliffs. Narrow trails, strong winds and the ever-changeable Irish weather make the ride all the more thrilling. The reward for the daring few who brave the cliffs is a magnificent view of the unique beauty of the Irish coast.
  4. Karakoram Highway – Pakistan/China
    While the ancient Silk Road is not a traditional bicycle route, it ranks among the most famous roads on our planet. The total distance is just under 2000 km, offering great variety: from paved highway to gravel road, interspersed with potholes and sometimes lonely for miles, with no prospect of meeting other travelers. However, the Karakoram Highway compensates you with mountain scenery that is second to none. Surrounded by snow-covered peaks, enchanting lakes and the occasional sleepy village, however, you should be well prepared: You won’t find a single bicycle service station in these parts.
  5. Lysebotn Road – Norway
    The ferry crossing to Lysebotnfjord is a highlight in itself. Once you’re there, the Lysebotn Road is a real challenge, as the multi-faceted route takes enthusiastic cyclists through narrow switchbacks, requiring a great deal of real fitness. The spectacular views take your eyes off the road. Every stop here is worth – enjoy the impressive scenery at your leisure.

While these five tours are certainly not for everyone, they teach us that careful preparation and maximum concentration will get us just about anywhere. We at Bikeleasing are happy to support you in traveling safely. We complement our rich selection of bikes by offering attractively priced add-on insurance policies and services: Whether it’s wear-and-tear insurance, liability insurance or the Bikeleasing inspection package for top-notch bike care, we’re always at the ready to help you keep your bike in great shape.

Have a safe trip – wherever the wind may take you!


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