5 reasons for company bike leasing in winter

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The sun is shining, temperatures are rising and it’s simply beautiful outside. No wonder that cycling is in high season in spring and summer. This also applies to company bike leasing: Between March and September, demand for company bikes is particularly high. However, there are compelling reasons for switching to a company bike even in the cold months.

Reason #1: more time for advice

When the traditional cycling season starts in spring and summer, bicycle dealers have their hands full. This changes as soon as temperatures drop and the weather turns colder in the fall (or “autumn”). That’s when the rush to the bike stores subsides and it becomes easier for your bike dealer to take the time for in-depth advice, helping you get your new dream bike without any hassle.

Reason #2: end-of-season bargains

At the end of the season, the warehouses and storage facilities of bike dealers tend to well-stocked or freshly replenished. For those who don’t want to wait until spring to pick a new bike, that means a wide selection of bikes are readily available. There is no need for you to wait long for your new company bike. Plus, in the fall and winter, you may benefit from lower prices of the previous season.

Reason #3: an extra dose of motivation

It’s nice and cozy on the couch and rather uncomfortable outside, even though your company bike is waiting to go for a ride with you. We think there’s hardly any stronger motivation to overcome your “couch potato” winter blues than a brand new dream bike. And the best thing is: If you don’t spend the entire winter just idling, you’ll stay in shape even in the cold season, so you will be fit to get going in the spring.

Reason #4: staying healthy and away from crowds

Exercise in fresh air is great for your health. For commuters, this is doubly true, because if you regularly ride your company bike to work in the fall and winter, you can save on gym costs while avoiding the crowds of people on the bus and train during rush hours. Thanks to a more resilient immune system and fewer close contacts, you can probably avoid an infection or two.

Reason #5: appreciating indoor warmth!

Whether it’s an extended tour through the colorful autumn forest or a regular ride home in the chilly winter air, what could be better than coming in from the cold with rosy-red cheeks and warming up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate? Naturally, this tempting reward only works in the cold months.

This is the time to switch to a company bike

As you can see, there are great reasons for you to get on your company bike during the cold months. Do you feel like cycling in winter but are you still looking for the right bike? We can help you find the right bike. Are you ready to go? Be sure to check out our tips for winter cycling before you get on the saddle.

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