Reimbursement of leasing instalment in the event of long-term illness

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Anyone with a long-term illness should not have to worry about their company bike leasing contract - neither the employee nor the employer. That's why Bikeleasing Service offers employer default insurance, which saves everyone involved hassle and costs. This blog post provides the most important information on the insurance case of a long-term illness.

Peace of mind thanks to employer default insurance 

If the insured event occurs that a company bike user falls ill for a long period of time, the continued payment of remuneration ends for them, which means that deferred compensation is no longer possible. In this case, Bikeleasing’s default insurance for employers comes into effect and the insurer pays compensation for the agreed total leasing installments. But how does the insurance claim work? It's just a few simple steps:


1. Employer reports the insured event  

  • Notification is made via the Bikeleasing portal no later than 30 days after the end of continued payment of wages 

  • Required documents: certificate of sick leave (if applicable, hospital certificate, letter from health insurance company, etc.) 

  • After retrieving the sick leave certificate, the relevant data from your own system is transmitted using a screenshot, PDF or similar 


2. Claim is processed by Bikeleasing-Service 

  • Insurance case is created and process number communicated 


3. Upload further documents 

  • Further certificates can be uploaded in the open insurance case during the duration of the sick leave 


4. Notification of the resumption of work 

  • The date of resumption of work / date of receipt of remuneration is entered and transmitted in the open insurance case 

  • It is important here that proof of the entire period of sick leave / sick pay is available 


5. Settlement by the insurer 

  • Bikeleasing-Service arranges the settlement with the insurer and sends the employer the statement of account once the claim has been settled 

  • The employer receives the corresponding compensation 


Further relevant information

  • The employee can continue to use the company bike during the illness 

  • There must be no incapacity for work when the company bike is taken over 

  • The compensation payment is made in one installment after the resumption of work has been confirmed 

  • Changes or important information regarding the insured event should be communicated by email to  

  • Detailed information on our insurance benefits and service packages can be found in our insurance and service manual. 


Ride safely!

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