More than company bikes: Probonio becomes part of the Bikeleasing Group

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One solution for many different benefits - that's what the software company Probonio offers: Meal allowance, mobility budget, non-cash benefits - in addition to company bike leasing, there are numerous other employee benefits that employers can use to motivate their team and strengthen their employer branding. Because we want offering and using these benefits to be just as easy as leasing a company bike with us, we recently acquired Probonio GmbH from Bikeleasing-Service.

Automated solution for tax-free employee benefits

As a software-as-a-service provider, Probonio has developed an automated solution with a portal and app that combines the administration of more than ten popular benefits in one platform. This minimises the effort for employers and makes it particularly convenient for employees to use - a claim that also characterises our offering as a company bike provider.

A useful addition to company bike leasing

The acquisition paves the way for us as a company to become a digital multi-benefit platform through which we can offer employers and their employees customised benefits from a single source in addition to company bike leasing. Probonio's offering is one of the most attractive on the market, which fits perfectly with our commitment to uncompromising service, customer-orientated offers and convincing quality. Our motto "More than company bikes" has taken on an even greater scope through the takeover, which no longer only relates to company bike leasing. Our motivation is to provide employers with comprehensive services in a simple way.

More benefits for more employer attractiveness

Probonio has developed its own automated solution, which employers can currently use to offer their employees more than ten different benefits. Using and managing the benefits is extremely easy thanks to the company's own app and, of course, the Bikeleasing service bike offer will also be mapped via the software in the future.

Currently, the following tax-free employee benefits are primarily used via the Probonio app and individually tailored to the needs of the various companies and their employees:

With this broad-based portfolio, our customers are ideally placed to position themselves as an attractive employer that offers its employees a wide range of benefits. In times of a shortage of skilled labour, this is indispensable added value.

Would you like to find out more about the different types of employee benefits? You can find useful information and interesting facts about the topic on the Probonio website.

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