Saving fuel the easy way – company bike users save a fortune

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Anyone who travels by car a lot currently feels a painful pinch in their wallet. The more the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel increases, the more money you can save by reducing your personal fuel consumption. How can you do it? By ditching your car and switching to a company bike, for instance. And the best thing is that with company bike leasing, you not only save on high fuel costs, but also get your dream bike at particularly attractive conditions.

Gas up less, save more

Obviously, if you use less fuel, you'll have to fill up less often and thus save on fuel costs. Especially when fuel prices fluctuate greatly, you will experience peace of mind – without having to constantly check when and where you can fill up at the lowest price. But how much less gasoline or diesel do you actually consume when you leave your car at home? We’ve done the math.

Saving fuel by cycling: a calculation example

Let’s assume that you travel 70 kilometers per week by bicycle instead of by car. That’s an average of 10 kilometers per day, on your way to work, daycare, shopping, visiting friends or other leisure activities. In 52 weeks, this adds up to 3640 kilometers – which is quite a lot! If we then assume (as the German Federal Environment Agency does) an average fuel consumption of 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers by car, the calculation looks like this:

3640 km / 100 = 36.4
36.4 x 7.4 liters = 269.36 liters

So, if your daily commute is 10 km and you cycle instead of driving your car, you save almost 270 liters of fuel over the year. At a gasoline or diesel price of 2 euros per liter, that’s 540 euros in fuel costs.

Two ways to save through company bike leasing

For short and medium distances, it’s always a good idea to ride your bike. It’s even better if you opt for the company bike leasing model, because that way you save money even before you start pedaling. How does it work? Thanks to salary conversion and tax incentives: In the context of salary conversion, the monthly lease payments are deducted directly from your gross salary. You save because your income tax and social security contributions are reduced, bringing your actual net costs down to a level significantly below the monthly lease payment. In addition, since 2020, the monetary benefit on which you have to pay tax for the use of the company bike is significantly lower than before, at just 0.25% of the RRP of the company bike. This also saves you money.

Sounds good? It gets even better …

… because with a company bike, you not only save on high fuel and purchase costs; you also save yourself the trouble of lengthy traffic jams during rush hour and the daily search for a parking space. In addition, the environment is happy because your personal CO₂ balance is improved. With the company bike, your ride is eco-friendly and relaxed. In addition, you can count on excellent coverage for theft, accident damage, etc. Our insurance is included in your monthly lease payment.

Ready, set, save fuel!

Are you an employee who wants to save fuel by using a company bike and enjoy the other advantages of company bike leasing? Learn more about bike leasing for employees.

Or are you an employer who wants to promote sustainable mobility through an innovative incentive in your company? Find out everything you need to know on our employer page.

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