Clothes make the cyclist: 5 tips for a dry and safe ride through the fall

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Fall – some prefer to say “autumn” – is a season marked by largely unpredictable weather. There may be a fair amount of rain, with the wind blowing hard against us cyclists. In the morning it is often freezing cold, while in the afternoon sometimes even a t-shirt will do. The moody autumn season puts many cyclists – and their attire – to the test year after year. But remember: There is no such thing as bad weather, as long as you wear the right clothes. Your outfit should keep you warm and dry while contributing to your safety while you’re on the move.

These 5 tips help cyclists arrive safely and dry in any weather

  1. Layer by layer
    A combination of multiple layers of clothing helps to quickly and easily adapt to changes in weather at any time of day.
  1. Be seen – even in the dark
    Cyclists should wear bright clothing, helping others to see them better and more quickly. Reflective features on the clothing additionally enhance visibility and safety.
  1. Rain- and windproof
    Garments made of functional fibers keep dry and warm for a long time, because breathable materials provide the necessary ventilation during the ride without letting the body cool down. With a water-repellent layer on top, rain or splashes of water won’t bother you much.
  1. Warm hands and feet
    Your extremities tend to cool down particularly quickly when you cycle: Gloves not only keep your hands warm but also increase safety by providing extra grip. Overshoes keep your feet warm and dry.
  1. Never go topless
    A carpet of wet leaves in fall can turn into a slippery slope for cyclists. In combination with a helmet peak cap or cover, your helmet provides the necessary protection and prevents your head from cooling down in low temperatures and strong winds.


If you take these tips to heart, you’ll be on the safe side. If you still need tips for cycling in autumn and winter that go beyond the right choice of clothing, you may find helpful information in our blog posts on safety in the dark season and rights and obligations in road traffic.

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