E-bikes are in growing demand

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The Corona pandemic has accelerated a range of social developments. The popularity of e-bikes has grown at a dramatic pace; never before has demand for leased e-bikes and S-pedelecs been greater.

E-mobility – hard facts

Even if the current figures cannot be attributed exclusively to Covid-19, the hard facts in the e-mobility space speak for themselves: 43.3% more e-bikes were sold in 2020 than in the previous year. This equates to a total of 1.95 million e-bikes, or nearly 40% of the total of all bikes sold. Today, some 7.1 million e-bikes are rolling on Germany’s roads and paths, rendering countless daily car journeys superfluous. Other countries see the same trend: Some 610,000 e-bikes were exported, up 15% year-on-year.

Strong demand for e-bike leasing

The leasing market is seeing a similar development. Tax incentives associated with company bike leasing make the decision to acquire an e-bike much easier. During the Corona pandemic, e-bikes and S-pedelecs were in greater demand than ever before. The same applies to company bike leasing. No wonder, because infection-proof and Corona-compliant mobility is an inherent advantage of cycling. Now, the addition of a powerful electric motor makes cycling even more attractive. Every day, countless environmentally and health-conscious commuters ride past crowded buses and streetcars in local traffic at their own pace.

After work and on vacation, e-bikes designed for longer ranges support new forms of active recreation in the great outdoors. And a fair number of vacation plans can be put into climate-friendly action by means of the e-bike.

Today, the marketplace offers a wide range of e-bikes for any way of life: Whether it’s a mountain bike, touring or trekking bike, city bike or cargo bike – the e-bike serves every mobility need. The option of leasing a bike means that the investment required for a new e-bike is no longer an obstacle: Modest monthly lease payments result in significant savings compared to a direct purchase, making the convenience of e-mobility affordable for everyone.

Together with more than 25,000 employers, we have successfully opened up new ways of mobility for a great number of employees. If you are also interested in switching, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together with your employer, we will find your way to a new e-bike.

You are an employer and you want to support your employees in switching to the future mode of transportation? Visit our page for employers. There, you will find useful information about the legal framework and answers to the most pressing questions.


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