Bikeleasing: nothing but advantages for employers?

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In Germany, company bike leasing has never been more popular – and not just since the Corona pandemic. A low-contact means of transportation, the bike offers a wide range of positive effects from which employers can benefit.

These 5 reasons make bike leasing indispensable for your company

  1. Free and for everyone
    Just about any employer can offer their employees company bike leasing without having to pay for it. On the contrary: Thanks to the tax break resulting from the salary conversion model, bike leasing can even help reduce incidental wage costs.
  2. Fast and straightforward
    Free access to our online employer portal enables you to manage your leases and agreements quickly and conveniently. The administrative effort for you and your employees remains low and can easily be handled online.
  3. Healthy for people, good for the environment
    Numerous surveys underscore the positive impact of regular exercise on the health of your team: Employees who cycle are less likely to be sick and tend to be fitter and more motivated to start their day at work.
    As an employer, you help reduce your company’s carbon footprint by providing company bikes. And fewer cars means not only less exhaust emissions and better air but also less noise pollution and fewer parking problems.
  4. Bike leasing makes your company sexy
    Getting their dream bike at a lower price with your support and also being able to use the bike privately makes your company more attractive to employees and improves employee retention. Providing company bikes as a benefit reflects the spirit of our age, improving your standing as a forward-thinking employer committed to social responsibility and with an open mind for fresh ideas.
  5. Zero risk for employers
    Our insurance offerings cater to any coverage need. Specifically tuned to the needs of employers, our employer indemnity insurance protects you from financial risks: If an employee drops out, we will take over the monthly payments or we will take back the company bike.

The drawbacks

Quite honestly, we have never heard of any drawbacks. Should you ever come across any, be sure to let us know so we can straighten things out for you. For support, feel free to contact at any time.

Get that bike rolling!

If you want to offer company bike leasing in your company, contact us straightaway. We will be happy to advise you personally, answer your questions and get everything ready for your smooth start in bike leasing.


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