Bicycle industry survey: Company bike leasing is booming

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In mid-June, the Zukunft Fahrrad industry association published the results of its “Bicycle Industry in Germany 2019-2022” survey. One key finding is that the economic significance of services such as leasing, sharing and rental of bicycles has seen enormous growth over the past three years. Sales in this space have quadrupled from 2019 to 2022.

Bicycle industry is a key driver in the mobility turnaround

The impressive growth of the entire bicycle industry, which currently employs 325,000 people, demonstrates its economic significance. At the same time, this growth also reflects the social relevance of the bicycle industry in terms of implementing a climate-friendly transport revolution. In view of these developments and the fact that favorable conditions such as an attractive infrastructure can have a massive impact on demand, Zukunft Fahrrad says that “the bicycle economy should be part of the focus in all decisions regarding the implementation of the traffic turnaround and transformation of the mobility economy.”

One in four new e-bikes is leased

Just how great the interest in high-quality bicycles is among the population, and in particular the acceptance of the company bike model, is underscored by the fact that one in four new e-bikes is a leased bike. Do you also want to be part of the mobility revolution and ride a company bike in the future? You can find plenty of information on bike leasing for employees.

The press release issued by Zukunft Fahrrad and the bicycle economy survey can be downloaded from the website of Zukunft Fahrrad.

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