Three reasons why company bike leasing is ideal for employee retention

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You simply can’t do without them: Qualified employees are indispensable for most companies that want to be successful in the marketplace. In many areas, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new employees, and organizations looking to avoid churn of their best workers are well advised to offer their employees more than just a fair salary. How about a company bike, for instance?

Employee benefits to counteract the skill shortage

What may be a risk factor for companies is an opportunity for employees to find their dream job quickly – and, ideally, at the terms they have always dreamed of. To attract new employees and motivate their existing teams, more and more employers are turning their attention to employee benefits. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is company bike leasing. We say: rightly so! Why? Because company bike leasing is good for everyone. Learn about the three most compelling reasons for leasing a company bike!

Reason #1: dream bike at a dream price

Within the framework of salary conversion, the company bike is financed via the employee’s gross salary. Salary conversion reduces tax and social security contributions. In addition, the company bike lease comes with a tax break (monetary benefit and 0.25% rule being the operative words), making the dream bike a bargain: Employees can save up to 40% over a direct purchase. Talking about savings: Employers tend to appreciate a reduction in incidental wage costs; they may even be encouraged to take over a share of the employee’s insurance premiums or monthly lease payments.

Reason #2: healthy mobility for employees

Physical exercise is good for you. If you cycle to work on your company bike, you automatically get more exercise in your everyday life, helping you stay in shape and boosting your performance. Regularly cycling to work is not an option? The company bike can also be used for a trip to the countryside at the weekend or to go shopping, because cycling in your free time is explicitly permitted.

Reason #3: personal contribution to climate protection

Company bike users are doing something for their health and for the environment as well, because switching from a car to company reduces the CO₂ footprint and is therefore a very personal contribution to climate protection. And because company bike riders save themselves the trouble of time-wasting traffic jams and stressful searches for parking space, they reduce environmental impact and mental strain.

Is your company on board?

Are you an employee looking for a company bike? Learn more via the Bike leasing for employees page on our website.

What should HR managers know if they want to use company bike leasing to boost employee motivation and to attract skilled applicants? Visit our employer page to find out.

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