How to file an insurance claim? Bikeleasing keeps you informed

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We offer full insurance coverage – and keep our fingers crossed that it will never be needed. On this page, we provide guidance on how to proceed if you run into trouble.

Let’s face it: A bike is an object for everyday use. Normal wear and tear and the occasional bit of damage are bound to happen. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for both. Do you need to file an insurance claim and you don’t want to waste any time? Via the Bikeleasing portal, you can report damage, wear or theft quickly and conveniently: Simply proceed as follows:

Reporting damage via the Bikeleasing portal

  • Select “Report damage”.
  • Select the agreement and the type of damage.
  • Enter all data required; confirm to file the insurance claim.
  • That’s all! We will take care of the rest. If we need anything else, we will contact you.

Report theft and damage – via our Bikeleasing portal, by e-mail or phone

Note: Be sure to report any theft to the police within five working days.

You can report any damage to our Claims department via the Bikeleasing portal or via your Bikeleasing partner dealer. They can enter the damage directly via the dealer or employer portal; we will then take care of everything else, so you will be cycling again before long. A brief instruction video illustrates the procedure.

We are also happy to take your call: On weekdays, you can reach our Claims phone at +49 (0)561/50343363 from 9:00 to 17:00. Alternatively, you can contact us by e-mail at any time.

Keeping you well-covered

With proven insurance concepts from our partner, ERGO Versicherungen AG, add-on service packages and fast, reliable processing of damage claims and incidents, we are committed to giving you peace of mind and an enjoyable company bike experience. It’s worth taking a look at our range of insurance policies. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect coverage, tailored to your personal needs. Refer to our Insurance and Service Manual for in-depth information on our insurance packages so you can compare these with other offerings.

We wish you a safe journey!

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