4 reasons to choose your new bike from your local dealer

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Are you thinking about buying a new bike to start the new season with fresh tires? Perhaps you've already browsed online retailers for your new dream bike? Even if the selection on the Internet is huge, we recommend that you visit your local bike dealer before deciding which bike you'll be riding soon. In our article, you can find out why it's worth going to your local specialist dealer when buying a bike.

Find out what you need

You probably have an idea of what type of bike is right for you, whether it should be a mountain or gravel bike, trekking or city bike, e-bike or cargo bike. But what exactly are the differences, what features are important for your needs and what can you do without with a clear conscience? By talking to your local bike dealer, you can easily clarify these questions and quickly find out which bikes are really right for you during a personal consultation.

Discover what inspires you

There are several hundred bicycle brands from manufacturers worldwide, bicycle types for very different purposes and countless model variants: The selection of bikes is huge, especially in online retail. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. The range at local specialist retailers is also large, but thanks to advice from the dealer, it is no longer quite so confusing. We think so: Experiencing the bikes live and in color is often much more helpful than looking at pictures on the computer. And who knows, you might even fall in love with a bike at first sight while browsing through the exhibition.

Experience what fits

Sure, you can easily research the hard facts about a bike at an online retailer on the Internet, but whether the crank length is really the right one, whether the gears and brakes react the way you want them to, and how it feels to ride with a trailer, for example - in short, whether you feel comfortable on the bike of your dreams in reality - is something you should try out in person. And the best way to do this is at your trusted bike dealer. After all, when buying a bike, it is rather impractical to order several models to choose from, as is the case with pants and the like.

Get real service

A breakdown, an accident or the gears need readjusting? Even if your bike isn't quite working the way you want it to, you are in good hands at your local bike dealer, because it is precisely in these cases that you realize how helpful short distances and expert personal contacts are. However, you will notice the difference in service sooner: Before you leave the store with your new bike, it will be put through its paces and optimally adjusted for you so that you can start cycling straight away.

Our contribution: Bikeleasing specialist dealer support

As a company bike provider, we also rely on regional bike dealers because we know how important good advice and dedicated service are for the satisfaction of our company bike users. Fair cooperation on an equal footing and genuine support for our more than 7,100 partner dealers in German-speaking countries is therefore particularly important to us. This is ensured by our specialist dealer advisors - a whole team of bike-enthusiastic Dienstrad experts who, as personal contacts, ensure that it is very easy for dealers to inspire their customers with Dienstrad leasing.


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