Accidents on the rise: How to play it safe with your e-bike

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The trend toward e-bikes continues unabated. But it is not only the means of transportation that is booming: The number of accidents involving e-bikes is also increasing. It’s high time to take a closer look at e-bike safety and look at measures that you can take as an e-bike user to reduce your personal risk of accidents.

The role of e-bikes in the mobility transformation

The number of e-bikes in private households has been rising steadily in recent years – from 1.6 million in 2014 to more than seven million in 2021. The advantages of e-bikes make it much more attractive for many users to travel even slightly longer distances by bike instead of by car. We see this development as one of the driving forces of the mobility transformation. Particularly when e-bikes (also known as pedelecs) are used instead of cars for regular journeys such as the commute to work, this helps mitigate the traffic situation and reduce environmental impact. Naturally, as a provider of company bikes, we are very pleased that the trend toward e-bikes is also being driven by the option of leasing, because this makes the purchase much more affordable for employees.

E-bike and accident risk

The downside of this positive development is that the number of accidents involving e-bikes is also rising. This may be partly be due to the fact that there are more e-bikers who may be involved in accidents. Some stakeholders also criticize the lack of bike lanes that are too narrow, making e.g. overtaking maneuvers hazardous, and the overall infrastructure that is not fit for the rapidly growing number of e-bikes. We are optimistic that traffic planning in the future will increasingly take into account the requirements of the growing bicycle and e-bike traffic. However, there are a number of simple measures you can take today for your personal safety when riding an e-bike.

Our safety tips for e-bike users

Even though many e-bikes no longer look very different from classic bicycles, there are some special characteristics that you should take into account to minimize your personal risk of accidents. E-bikes are not only faster, but also heavier than bikes without a motor, so the braking distance can be longer.

These are our safety tips for e-bike riders:

  • Wear a helmet! Unfortunately, for many, wearing a helmet is not yet a matter of course; but in our eyes a helmet is the most important accessory when cycling.
  • Be seen: The right attire also contributes to greater safety when riding an e-bike. It should give you enough freedom of movement and be conspicuous enough so that you are not easily overlooked in traffic.
  • Take advice: How heavy can my e-bike be? Which size is right for my physique and stature? Diamond, trapezoid or low-slung frame? And maybe I might want to add an anti-blocking brake system? Professional advice from your local bike store will help you find an e-bike that will keep you safe on the road.
  • Try it out: Take a test ride to experience what it’s like to ride an e-bike and get a feel for acceleration, braking and cornering, and have your bike dealer explain the ins and outs of using e-bikes to you.
  • Train: Before you brave the hustle and bustle of city traffic with your new e-bike during the morning rush hour, you should develop a certain routine when riding so that you can respond wisely and safely to challenging situations. The ADFC, among others, offers safety training courses specifically for e-bike riders in some cities.
  • Ride cautiously: You can avoid hazardous “anti-collision” maneuvers and emergency braking by riding with foresight and keeping an eye on other road users. For your own safety, for example, you should take into account that car drivers often misjudge the speed of e-bikes.

P.S.: Most of our traffic safety tips apply not only to e-bike users, of course, but to all other kinds of bicycles as well.

Safe ride on your own e-bike

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