Bikeleasing on tour: Claas’s weekend and after-work bike trip south of Göttingen

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Let Class, our coworker, take you on an idyllic tour south of Göttingen. This easy tour grants you the opportunity to go for a swim and even to pick some flowers along the way.

Want to go on a short trip? Super! Because it’s that time again: One of our colleagues at Bikeleasing is sharing his favorite route with us.

This time, Claas will be our guide. He works in Online Marketing. His job is to make sure that we are found by search engines. Claas is about to take us on a short but nifty tour which he likes to do on weekends or after work. With a duration of about 90 minutes, it’s a fairly easy ride. Key data:

  • Suitable for: anything that has tires wider than those of a racing bike
  • Claas’s bike model: Radon hardtail MTB
  • Degree of difficulty: beginner-friendly; only the ascent to the Diemardener Warte requires some physical fitness
  • Distance: approx. 20 km
  • Ascent: 120 m
  • Descent: 120 m

Today’s route is suitable for anyone. It leads, mainly on paved paths, from Göttingen via Diemarden to the Wendebach reservoir, Niedernjesa and the fields south of Göttingen and then back to the city. En route, we will make a stop and enjoy a number of scenic highlights of the Göttingen environs. It’s not absolutely necessary to take a mountain bike; just make sure that the tires of your bike aren’t too narrow for this route.

Cycling via Diemardener Warte to the Wendebach reservoir

We will start at the southern outskirts of Göttingen, riding below the Drachenberg along the fields in the direction of Diemarden. Here we have to master a somewhat long climb, which is the most strenuous part of the entire tour. A stop at the Diemardener Warte rewards us with the first highlight of this idyllic route: In clear weather and visibility permitting, you can enjoy the great view of the magnificent landscape south of Göttingen from this vantage point.

Next, the route takes us downhill, back to Diemarden and then further south on the bike path along the country road to Reinhausen. Here we will cross the road on the right and turn east to head for the next milestone along our tour. After we have followed the course of the Wendebach for a while, the view of the Wendebach reservoir opens up before us. When taking a break here – the season and the weather permitting – you can watch various species of birds or swim in the lake to cool off.

Now that we’re rested and refreshed, let’s pass the lake on the right and head toward Niedernjesa. From there, we will take a scenic bike path to the Rosdorfer Baggersee, which is used by many Göttingen residents as a swimming and excursion destination in the summer. Back we go to the B27, where there is one last opportunity for a worthwhile stop: At Werderhof, just outside Göttingen, you can pick your own flowers or strawberries, depending on the season. We will make our way back across the fields, to the place where we started our tour.

More colleagues, more tours, more tips

Clearly, you should plan a little more time for this tour because it offers a number of stopover choices. If you liked Claas’s tour, be sure to let us know on our komoot profile. There you will find new routes for future bike rides, including one or two insider tips.

Are you still looking for the right bike for your next tour? Your local Bikeleasing partner dealer is looking forward to your visit. Before long, you will be able to hop on your bike and start cycling – supported by our attractive Bikeleasing terms and conditions.

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