Cycling in winter: 7 tips for a fit and healthy start in the new year

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Sports activities in the wintertime? Fresh air and exercise keep you fit and healthy. That’s nothing new. What should you consider when making the bike your #1 mode of transportation even in low temperatures? These seven tips will help you get to your destination –and much further – in good health.

New year resolutions shouldn’t be just idle talk. That’s why it’s time to get moving! We have compiled a number of tips for healthy biking in frosty temperatures – which should help ensure that no-one in the Bikeleasing community regrets their favorite form of exercise in the cold season.

  1. Nose in the wind
    Breathe in through the nose to pre-warm the air before it reaches the respiratory organs. This protects the lungs and minimizes your risk of catching a cold. However, since we mostly inhale and exhale through the mouth during great exertion, we recommend that you breathe through a scarf or a bandana.
  2. Protect your skin
    Cold and dry air is particularly hard on the skin. As a result, your skin may dry out and become chapped and brittle. Especially on longer journeys, facial skin and lips should be protected as a precaution. Special skin creams and lip balms for the winter are particularly rich, placing a protective layer on the skin to guard it from the cold and from going drying.
  3. Prevent dehydration
    Even if you don’t feel it much in winter, sport and exercise inevitably cause your body to lose water. However, because thirst tends to lag exercise, you should drink a little regularly. In winter, warming tea is the ideal drink, especially on longer rides.
  4. Keep it short and snappy
    Low temperatures cause the body to cool down more quickly. If you are riding your bike for a workout, it is better to go for shorter and more intensive units than long-haul rides. To ensure long-term success, be sure to set the necessary stimuli in your workout.
  5. Warm up first
    Even in warm temperatures, a warm-up makes sense. Warming up is all the more important in winter weather! Before you head out into the cold, a few activating exercises will prepare your cardiovascular system, muscles, tendons and joints for the ride. This way, you will get through the first kilometers on the bike until your body reaches operating temperature.
  6. Chill down
    Just like the warm-up, the chill-down should take place in warm surroundings. If you arrive at your destination soaked in sweat, you run the risk of catching a cold in the chilly air. The best thing now is a hot shower. After your shower, be sure to put on dry, warm clothes. Special creams, balms and ointments support regeneration after your exercise and pleasantly warm the muscles and stimulate your blood circulation.
  7. Listen to your body
    A minor cold is nothing uncommon in winter; even the fittest among us won’t be spared. That’s no major problem, because moderate activity can even alleviate the symptoms. However, if you have caught a full-blown cold with fever and other symptoms, you should simply give your body the rest it needs. Be sure to sleep and drink enough; that’s the best way for you to recover, get motivated and prepare for the next bike ride!

Of course, these tips are helpful for your daily commute as well as for sporty cycling. Peace of mind is an added bonus: Cyclists avoid public transportation – where viruses and other pathogens tend to be commonplace.

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