Make the most of your company bike by including accessories in your lease

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What’s better than a company bike? A company bike with your favorite accessories! Once you have found your dream bike, it’s best to choose the matching accessories right away, because you can simply lease a variety of items and save up to 40%, just like with your bike! Read on to find out which accessories you can include in your bike lease and what rules apply.

Upgrade for your company bike

The option of including the right accessories in your company bike lease provides the perfect opportunity to adapt your bike to your personal requirements and preferences. You plan to use your company bike for vacation trips? The smartphone holder makes navigation via your cell phone even easier. Do you often travel with your children? You can order child seats for the luggage carrier or the cargo bike box.

Please note that you can only lease accessories in combination with and at the same time as your company bike. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add accessories to the lease agreement at a later stage. Therefore, once you have found your dream bike, it’s best to think about which accessories you need to make cycling even more fun.

Always include a lock for your leased bike

Generally speaking, you are free to choose which accessories (if any) you want to include in your bike lease. However, there is one exception: the bike lock. This must always be included in the lease so that you can protect your company bike from theft. A high-quality lock with a minimum RRP of € 48 is contractually required. Whether you lease a U-lock, a folding lock or a chain lock to secure your bike is, of course, up to you.

Which accessories can be included in the lease?

The general rule is: Any accessories firmly attached to the bike can be included in the lease. Examples include mudguards, luggage racks and a bicycle bell. But what about that extra battery pack for your e-bike, a trailer for the dog and panniers for your bike packing vacation? Or a custom paint job?

Do you have plenty of great ideas as to which accessories you want for your company bike, but your employer does not yet offer bike leasing? Make your point to convince them. For background information, visit

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