Together for the big goal – a company forest for Bikeleasing-Service

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Planting your own company forest through a challenge – how can that be achieved? In a nutshell: it takes strong partners and a great team. This challenge never saw a dull moment. Come along with us today so we can tell you all about it!

1000 trees for Bikeleasing-Service: how it all began

Let’s start at the beginning. By means of the app of our partner Summitree, all kilometers run, jogged, cycled or walked during the entire month of October 2022 were added up and rewarded by a green accolade in the form of trees. Everyone who took part was able to see at any time how many trees they had already “won” through their sports activities and how they ranked in comparison to their team peers. Teams could also be formed to compete against other departments in the company. Our goal was to reach more than 1000 trees by the end of October.

Naturally, you know that we reached our goal. However, before we initiated this challenge, we had no idea just how ambitious our departments would become. From day to day, the cafeteria became less crowded from during the lunch break. “Apparently, they are collecting trees again,” folks were saying. So, the competition between the departments was on!

Going all out: Summitree challenge not limited to company bikes

Extending that after-work walk, taking the bike to go shopping even when it was raining, coaxing the partner to the Harz mountains for weekend hikes – these are just some examples of the initiatives driven by our teams. Rumor has it that dog owners took their four-legged friends for a walk twice as often – all for a good cause and the big goal!

Shortly before the final, our Marketing team and the Accounting department were hotly engaged in a real neck-and-neck race. Was it really just the trees that mattered? We will probably never know. However, we should mention that, in all of our departments, there are truly committed bike lovers whose fighting spirit we seem to have unleashed through this challenge. With so much ambition out there, something has to go wrong, right? You would think so, but in fact, no one was hurt – except for some hiking boots and sneakers.

Two days before the official end, we got the news: challenge completed successfully! And now? This is where our second partner, Wald & Jagd Marciniak GbR, comes into play. As true professionals in forestry, they know all about trees and what conditions have to be met when planting them. With its team of foresters, the company looks after private and municipal forests in central Germany. Last November, the first freshly planted trees began to thrive in our district of Northeim. This planting initiative serves as a green cornerstone for an eco-friendly and sustainable mix of four different tree species.

Bikeleasing-Service plants company forest: planning for the next sustainability challenge

What can we say to wrap up our afforestation initiative? A big thank you to our partners, Summitree and Wald & Jagd Marciniak GbR, who enabled us to perform this challenge in such a smooth and easy way. Summitree offers a complete package for companies, startups and associations by providing the entire app, a company dashboard and configuration of the challenge. They also work with local forestry companies so you can visit your company forest in your local area.

Does the Summitree approach appeal to you? Are you keen on running your own Summitree challenge? If so, contact our advisor, Paul Niemeyer, at Clearly, this was not our last challenge and you know what they say: goals are there to be achieved – and records are there to be broken!


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